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Second Mod to the Bromptons

There are not many options to upgrade the grip of the P-handlebar of a Brompton. So when grip rings were available, I jumped at the chance to have them installed on both of Bromptons. This was even before we had our pre-order of Tannus puncture-proof tyres installed.


Missus chose a blue, red and white combo to match the colours on her Brompton. She has since named her Brompton ‘Dr Seuss’.


On the contrary,  I had absolutely no idea what colour combo I wanted for mine (I am totally clueless with regard to colour matching). So, I had the bar installed with every colour that was available. What did I name mine? Candy Crush.

The Bromptons are more colourful now and the grip is definitely more comfortable.

Posted from WordPress for Android. Image/s taken by Samsung Galaxy Note 2.


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