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After a Long Break

After taking a long break from cycling due to a bout of viral flu, I picked up my Brompton and headed out for a slow ride around the neigbourhood. Boy was I glad I made this trip.


What greeted me by the seaside. Absolutely gorgeous sunrise on a beautiful Sunday.


Posing on the pavement before I headed towards the nearby eatery for breakfast.


How useful is the Ortlieb Mini-O? Extremely useful. It held 3 packets of noodles and 1 packet of coffee. Essentials are all in a small zipper pouch inside the Mini-O.


On the same afternoon, being a glorious Sunday, Missus and I headed out to a nearby town to complete our exploration. We were pleasantly surprised to find this red-graveled path that stretches for 2.4km. And the surroundings were simply gorgeous.

We headed home after completing close to 16km of our exploration. It was a fantastic Sunday to begin and end with cycling.

Posted from WordPress for Android. Image/s taken by Samsung Galaxy Note 2.


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