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An Early Morning Exploration

My wife and I woke up very early yesterday to make the most out of the morning to explore a scenic route that stretches 30-odd km to and fro.


Upon arrival, this scene greeted us. And moments later, it poured. No way we can ride if it’s pouring. So we headed for breakfast.

By afternoon, the sky had cleared and because we had already moved away from the initial route, we went to explore the estate which we will be moving to soon.


Our Bromptons with the upgraded Jagwire cables and Tannus puncture-proof tyres.


Since we are already on Tannus, my wife decided to test if these tyres live up to its reputation. Well, it did. On this red-graveled path, more effort is needed to cycle. Ride is firmer too as the polymer used to make Tannus is less bouncy than rubber tyres.

Once we rejoined the tarmac, it was a fantastic cycling experience. Our Bromptons feel as if it is gliding along the road. It is also considerably less bouncy. No doubt more effort is needed to cycle due to higher rolling resistance, but once it got rolling, it was wonderful.

Before we headed back due to the need for our presence urgently, I took two shots of our Bromptons up close. 


My wife’s Brompton, named Dr Seuss. The colour combo was what inspired her with the name.


My Brompton. Wife named it Mr Citrus,  after the colours of a lemon, lime and an orange. 

So now, with our Bromptons back and almost fully modded, I am definitely looking forward to more explorations and adventures on them.

Posted from WordPress for Android. Image/s taken by Samsung Galaxy Note 2.


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