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Back to Reality

Returned from the much needed trip on Monday. Probably due to too much moving about, almost fell sick and slept through the entire Tuesday. Had an entire day of medical appointments on Wednesday and back to work today.

To round off the trip, the last leg was to Sarawak. It would be a wonderful experience to cycle in Sarawak, with the relatively less congested roads. Saw a couple of leisure cyclists on road bikes and MTBs.


Typical heavy traffic in Jakarta in the morning with everyone heading to work.


The streets of Jakarta in the early hours of the morning.


The streets of KL just past midnight.


A street in Kuching in the early hours of nightfall.

My wife and I are toying with the idea of returning to Sarawak with our Bromptons to explore the place. Hopefully it is possible in the months to come.

Till then, back to the daily grind.

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