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It Has Finally Arrived.

Placed an order for 2 pieces of Brompton block to Klickfix adapters.

After waiting for 3 months, having it resent twice and 1 missed delivery, it is finally in my hands.


How it looks like.


How it looks like when attached to the Brompton block and a Ortlieb Compact handlebar bag is attached to the Klickfix adapter.

These adapters were custom made in Germany, from scratch using resin. A very solid feel to it and it gives you the confidence to load the front bag with items. Some users have stated they have placed up to 15 pounds of items in an Ortlieb 5 Classic handlebar bag attached to this adapter.

With this adapter, it certainly opens up more configurations for my Ortlieb bags. Going to find a chance to use it on one of the rides.

Posted from WordPress for Android. Image/s taken by Samsung Galaxy Note 2.


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