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Potentially the Longest Ride

I have always wanted to ride from the eastern end to the southern tip of the island, which spans around 21km one way. Finally after many months,  I had the opportunity to do so.

Not too many images from this ride as we were unsure of the route and were busy making detours after detours.


Finally reached Gardens By The Bay East, the eastern part of the gardens. Posed by the river leading out to the sea, with our target end point in the background too. The haze has not disappeared totally, as we can see in the background, and on this day, the PSI reading was between 70 to 80. No biggie.

Was turned away shortly after this image was taken as there was a family day happening further ahead and the crowd was swelling by the seconds. Told ourselves we will be back to complete the whole route again.


On the way back to the starting point, Missus saw the potential of an image and got us both stopped to take this.

Till the next time we are here.

Posted from WordPress for Android. Image/s taken by Samsung Galaxy Note 2.


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