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Too Beautiful A Morning

After an exhausting week at work and a weekday holiday to boot, we went on one of two adventures before the holy month of Ramadhan arrives, where my wife and I will be fasting from sunrise till sunset everyday for 28 days.


The skies that greeted us in the morning. It was a glorious sight, too beautiful not to be out and about.

The plan was to go on a 13-plus km trip on one of the paths I explored some time back. But we detoured to a nearby eatery for sustenance as we realised halfway into the ride, we had not eaten anything and my wife was getting the hunger pangs.


Enroute to the eatery, we saw a new piece of land cleared for the construction of houses. What used to be here were acres of greenery and from this perspective, we couls not even see the blocks of flats in the background in the past. Can’t help but felt a tinge of sadness.


The Bs by the side while we were having our breakfast.

After breakfast, we abandoned the original plan and headed for the nearby beach.


Stopped by to see any new developments to this place. Doesn’t look like.


We reached the beach at around 9-plus and soon the morning was turning out beautifully.


Along the way home, saw a spot of light from the Sun and couldn’t resist placing my Rasta B there for an image opportunity. It’s as if a spotlight was shining down and highlighting it.


Wonder what my wife was looking at? After this image, I saw what caught her attention, a monkey up in the trees.


One final pitstop for drinks before calling it a day. The next day will be another adventure.

Posted from WordPress for Android. Image/s taken by Samsung Galaxy Note 2.


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