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Third Time Lucky?

Missus was finally able to ride again, after many months. It had been raining heavily over the last few days. So the moment the sky cleared a little, we immediately headed for the Marina Bay Area.

Now, we have been to the Marina Bay Area to explore on the last 2 occasions. However, on both occasions, we were unable to ride all the way from Gardens by The Bay East (where I parked) to Marina Bay Sands. This time round, we were finally able to do so.


Getting ready while Missus goes for a few rounds on her new B67 saddle.

It was a fine morning, after heavy rains for the past 3 days and nights. We soon went on our way, lest something crops up and spoils the plans to ride again.

After cycling through Gardens by The Bay East and the Marina Barrage, we reached Gardens by The Bay.


Gardens by the Bay is an initiative to “……transform Singapore from a “Garden City” to a “City in a Garden”. The aim is to raise the quality of life by enhancing greenery and flora in the city.” (Source: Wikipedia)
More info can be obtained from here.

After spending some time at Gardens by The Bay, we headed towards Marina Bay Sands. Because it was still very early in the morning, most of the shops were closed and we were looking for a place to have our breakfast. Finally we found an eatery, at basement 1 of Marina Bay Sands, where breakfast was being served.


Breakfast was noodles and hot beverages. A satisfying meal to recharge before heading back to Gardens by The Bay East.


A shot of how Bromptons can be unobtrusive and looks presentable, even in a hotel.

After the above image, we headed back to Gardens by The Bay East to return home.


This is a food centre within Gardens by The Bay. There are a lot of foodstalls selling local delights. Some of the food stalls cater to Muslims too. Since it was still early in the morning, it was not surprising that many of the stalla were still closed.


Found this interesting structure. Placed our Bromptons inside for a fun shot.

It was a satisfying ride as we have completed the ride which we had set out to do months ago. 

Definitely more rides coming up in the week, with a few days off work in the week.

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7 thoughts on “Third Time Lucky?

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  2. Candy says:

    Your website has been really helpful for my partner and I as we build up TGIF accessories on our brompton bikes. And the touring pictures are fantastic, so inspiring! Quick question about the flick fix adaptor you got, can you recall the product name please? I’ve looked everywhere on their site for the one you have.
    Also I notice you have ortlieb bags on your seat pins. I really want to put an ortlieb ultimate 6 bag on my seat pin but cannot find a suitable mount. I’d love to know what you use!

    Thank you
    Candy from sunny London 🙂

    • Hi Candy,

      Glad that the website has been of help.

      The name of the Klickfix adapter is Caddy Handlebar Adapter. Amazon sells them for USD27 excluding shipping.

      Once you have this adapter, you will be able to mount the Ultimate 6 onto the seat post, using the Klickfix Caddy Handlebar Adapter.

      Hope the info helps.


  3. Candy says:

    Hey Danny
    Cheers for that! Very clear and much appreciate the useful info.

    Just ordered my parts now 🙂

    Let us know when you’re ever cycling through London and fancy a guide 😉

    • Hi Candy,

      Glad that the info was useful.

      Thank you in advance for the offer. Hopefully we can make a trip to London soon.

      Likewise, do let us know if you are coming over to Singapore to explore the city via cycling and fancy a guide. Will be very glad to show you around.

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