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MET Crossover

It is not easy to find a helmet that fits me because only a small number of manufacturers make 1 or 2 of their models with 65cm diameter as the max. When I do find one and I need a replacement, better grab it.

I have been looking around for a replacement for the Specialized Air Force 3 cycling helmet I have been using in the last 6 months.

So when the owner of a local bike shop told me that she have 3 pieces of a helmet that suits my size, and in the colour I wanted, I grabbed it. The said helmet is matte green MET Crossover.

Besides the fit, what pushed me to get it is the colour. Matches my Brompton. Fits my head perfectly, as many vents to cool the head as the Air Force 3, just slightly heavier than the Air Force 3. What more could I ask for?

Enough said. Let the images speak for itself.

How the MET Crossover looks like. Retrofitted an additional white front and red rear light on top of the helmet.

An additional red rear light built into the helmet itself. Not too blinding bright (I have another red rear light on the B itself) but enough to be visible at night.

How the rear looks like when both rear lights on the helmet are switched on.

Left view of the helmet.

Right view of the helmet.

Frontal view of the helmet with the white front light switched on.

Brought it out for today’s ride and couldn’t find any negative points about it.

Loving the MET Crossover.

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Image/s taken by Samsung Galaxy Note 2.


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