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Fifth Adventure in Five Days

On Sunday, Missus and I went for our fifth adventure in five days. As we did not explore the park in its entirety the previous day, this adventure would be to cycle all the way to the end of the park while exploring the various parts of the park.


We knew we had to start cycling towards the park before the sun rose. So we set off for the start point at 6.25am. This time round, we settled on dates, Goober grape sandwiches, tea, black coffee and plain water for breakfast. Not much preparations needed, yet it will provide the energy and hydration needed for this more than 10km ride.


After cycling for close to 35 minutes, we reached the end of the park. Time for breakfast.

The sky was getting darker as we were having our breakfast. Never did it occur to me that it will turn out to be a rather wet ride for us. Hurriedly, we finished our sandwiches, took a few sips of hot drinks and returned to where we started.

Thank God we did not meet any heavy rain along the way back. There was a slight drizzle and the roads were wet with puddles of rainwater.


Made it back to the starting point relatively wet. Not for our Bromptons though, which went through a lot of puddles of water on the road.


In the evening, after a nice hot shower, I took apart Missus’ B for a good clean and degrease. Her B has undergone more than 100km without every being taken apart for degreasing. So out came the tools to dismantle the B and fluids to degrease and lubricate the various parts.


The sprockets before and after degreasing.


Too tired to remove the links on the chain.  So this is the next best way to degrease the chain thoroughly. Clean and shiny now.

With both Bs washed and cleaned, and five riding adventures in five days, it was time to hit the sack. Work week going to start all over again and it will be a break of few days before riding again.

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