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Which Front Headlights To Use?

For the last six months, I have had the front headlight mounted on the lower bars of the P-bar. Have always wanted to mount it at where the front reflector is so that some space can be freed up on the handlebar.
When the local distributor told me that it is possible to do so via an adapter, I immediately said yes. Had to use another front headlight on the new adapter.

This is the new front headlight, Silva Velo.

This is a comparison of the diffusion of the light output from three of the front headlights I have. The light output among the three is almost the same.
The top shows the light output from the Silva. It is the most diffused among the three. The middle is a Lezyne Micro Drive. Light output is more centre focused but still pretty diffused. The bottom shows the light output from the current front headlight I am using, NiteRider 300 Plus. It is the most centre focused.

Depending on what one’s criterias for a front headlight are, all three front headlights are actually very good. I need something which is very centre focused as the primary light source to light up the immediate area in front of me. Thus I tend to lean more towards the NiteRider 300 Plus.

In the end, I removed the Silva and installed the NiteRider 300 Plus, as my primary front headlight, at where the new adapter is. The Lezyne Micro Drive acts as a secondary front headlight and the Silva Velo is my backup.

Here’s how it looks like. Had to stretch the elastic band over the adapter. Two issues. One, the top end of the elastic band rubs against the lower corners of luggage block when the handlebar is turned. Two, with a bag mounted onto the luggage block, the front headlight cannot be tilted too high up. Something I will have to live with.

In addition, the need for speed also tempted me to upgrade the stock 50T chainset to a higher 54T chainset.

Difference in diameter between the two chainsets. Stock 50T on the left, upgraded 54T on the right.

Time to bring out the B for a spin soon to test its new modifications.

Posted from WordPress for Android. Image/s taken by Samsung Galaxy Note 2.


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