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Endurance Ride from Town to Town

The day after installing the 54T and new front light mounting, I brought Citrus out for an endurance ride with the Missus. This ride will take us from our town to a neighbouring town via a newly constructed path.


Halfway through the journey, the path split into two and we took the one which led us to this dead end.


Took a selfie with the Missus while rehydrating. Once we rehydrated, we u-turned and took the other path.


Along the way, we saw tgese beautiful lallangs by the side of the path. Couldn’t resist posing our Bs next to these lallangs for an image.

As we had started late, the heat from the Sun became too scorching. We headed home after riding midway between both towns.


Upon reaching home, I realised that one of the bottles had dropped off the bottle cage. And it was the new one. Sigh. Looks like a purchase of another bottle is inevitable. Did some research and found that the design of the cages and bottles are crucial. In my case, the bottle did not have the necessary grooves for the cage to clamp onto.

Bearing that in mind, the hunt for another bottle became easier.

Posted from WordPress for Android. Image/s taken by Samsung Galaxy Note 2.


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