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Dr Seuss Undergoes A Facelift

Missus was contemplating selling Dr Seuss, her B, to get a Titanium model. After a few days of putting it up for sale, she had a change of heart because Dr Seuss held too many memories for her.

So she decided on giving Dr Seuss a facelift instead. The main change is to the stem and handlebar, from a P to a H. After testing riding a H-bar Brompton, she fell in love with the upright riding position.


At the local distributor, a fellow Brompton owner had brought her dog along. It is one extremely well-trained pomeranian.


After 5 days at the local distributor, Dr Seuss was back with a string of upgrades. The upgrades are:
1) P-bar to H-bar
2) P-bar stem to H-bar stem
3) 2013 brake levers
4) New brake pads

When Dr Seuss was back home, I replaced the rear reflector with a Cateye Reflex Rear Light. This will greatly enhance the rear visibility of Dr Seuss.


My make-shift work bench. Here, I am replacing the rear reflector on Citrus with the Cateye Reflex Rear Light, after changing Dr Seuss’.

When we go for our night rides, I will take some shots on how the rear of the Brompton has been greatly enhanced using a combination of the Cateye Reflex Rear Light and the main rear lights we have om our Bromptons.

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2 thoughts on “Dr Seuss Undergoes A Facelift

  1. noel says:

    Your Missus opted for the “H” bar. How do you like your “P” bars compared to the H? I’m tall (6′) and just purchased a used Brompton with “P” bars and I like them but I never had a chance to test ride the H bars to make a comparison. The only drawback in my case is that it seems that I am reaching too far forward to reach the bars so I ordered a saddle post extender to bring me closer to the handlebars. I have thought about using an H stem in conjunction with the P bars but I wonder if it would affect the fold and the bars might hit the ground.

    • Hi Noel. Sorry for the late reply.
      I prefer the P to the H as I like to lunge forward when I ride. The H gives me a very upright riding position, something which makes me uncomfortable, especially over long distances. The P is a good in between for the S and H. I am 5″8 by the way.
      As for the reach, the P is just nice for me. Good call on you to get the saddle post extender to bring you closer to the handlebars.
      As for your thoughts on getting a H stem with a P bar, I reckon it will be very much higher than a H stem with a H bar. In addition to a more upright position, your arms might also be elevated a bit more. Might be tiring on the arms. The fold might also be affected. I have seen H stem with S bar and it is a perfect combo, especially for tweens.

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