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Citrus’ Undergoing Facelift

I have had the intention of modding another Brompton to give it a classic look. But I  decided against it. So, Citrus will move from a high profile look to a classic look. It will be a ‘work in progress’ kind of mission.


A fellow Brompton owner was doing a mass order on these Nisnas wooden fenders. Got my hands on 2 sets of such fenders to be installed onto our Bromptons.


The local distributor had gone for a week-long working trip cum vacation, so the shop was closed. When it opened, I headed over to make some changes to Citrus. Changes include installing of 2013  brake levers, changing of brake pads, swapping of 54T to stock 44T (54T just doesn’t suit my way of riding and the hilly rides I encounter) and removing all grip rings in favour of black foam.

In addition, I finally found a Carradice Barley that can hold everything i put in my Ortliebs. Still keeping te Ortliebs for any tour riding. For now, local rides, the Barley will do just fine without any front bags.

During the last month or so, I was also looking to get KleenKanteen bottles to replace my 1.5 years old Kathmandu thermo bottle I have been using for my coffee daily. KleenKanteens are expensive here. Costs $59 for a 20oz insulated bottle. And I need 3 of them. So off I went into Amazon and placed an order for the bottles I needed. What I paid for got me 5 KleenKanteen Bottles (1 12 oz, 1 16 oz, 1 20 oz insulated bottles and 2 27 oz stainless steel). With the same amount of money,  I could only get the insulated ones if I had bougbt locally.


One of the 27 oz came in today and it is the one I intended to use with Citrus. Purposely chose an orange to match Citurs. Now awaiting for its bamboo cap.

Posted from WordPress for Android. Image/s taken by Samsung Galaxy Note 2.


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