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Second Attempt at Riding to Neighbouring Town

Months ago, Missus and myself had wanted to ride to a neighbouring town but we stopped midway.

On Sunday, I decided to attempt this trip again, this time completing the whole journey.


Midway along the journey. Possibly the last untouched natural setting around.


The reward upon reaching the neighbouring town? Sea  breeze on a cool, humid and hazy morning.


Before returning home, I took a detour to explore some parts of the town that will be developed into housing in the near future. A metro station and tracks were already built in preparation. And it remains unused till this area is developed.


Along the way home, dropped by a local eatery to grab breakfast for the Missus, who was sick and resting at home,  and had a cup of longan drink to replenish some sugar.

It was really a good feeling to be riding again, especially over long distances. One very important lesson I learnt from this ride was how to cycle correctly so that I can cycle more effectively and efficiently, especially when I am at gears 5 and 6. Something which I have always done incorrectly.

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