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Possible Drastic Reduction of Back Pain?

Missus has been experiencing very bad back pains in recent months while riding. Thinking that it could be the saddles, it was changed from B17 to B67. She loved the B67, but it still gave her the pains. When a pal advertised that his Selle Anatomica saddle for sale, and having heard so much about comfort on this saddle, I grabbed it and installed it on the Missus’ B.


In matching colours to Missus’ B.


Brought it out for a very short ride to assess how the saddle fairs for her. Too short a distance to tell.

With me having returned from Shanghai from a working trip 2 weeks ago, I dropped off our Bs at the distributor for a long overdue full servicing plus some upgrades for the Missus’ B. One of these upgrades was to swap out the Tannus tyres on hers to Schwalbe Marathon tyres. We concluded that it could be the tyres being too hard and not offering much absorption for her.


Back from the distributor.


Out and about that very weekend for a ride, after having breakfast.


Considering that we rode close to 20km and Missus not feeling much sharp pains, except for occassional aches, I am happy to say that the swap of tyres have helped greatly.

One last thing for this post. The times when she was on Tannus tyres have trained her stamina and fitness greatly. So much so that she was zooming off on the new tyres.

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