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Tour Cycling Setup

Purchased a set of cloth panniers for a great discount in preparation for the possibility of an overseas tour cycling.


How it looks together with rhe T-Bag on front, the Rack Sack on the rack and panniers at the side.

Still considering if I should get the Ortlieb Front Rollers Classic, although they will hang even lower.

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4 thoughts on “Tour Cycling Setup

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  2. Martin says:

    Love the blog. How have you attached the cloth panniers to the rack? How would you put ortleibs on? Also where did you get the klickfix adapter from? Sorry for all the questions – just my gear envy!

  3. Hi Martin, happy to hear that you love the blog.

    I have tried the cloth panniers and they worked great. The panniers have plastic hinges at the back which clips onto the rear rack perfectly. Experienced some heel strike but a minor adjustment to the feet placement on the pedals solved this issue.

    I am thinking of getting a set of Ortliebs as rear panniers and have found that only the front roller works for Brompton. After mounting, it hangs lower than the cloth panniers in the pic. Got to corner slower to avoid hitting the bags.

    I got my Klickfix adapters from a local distributor. However, you could get from Amazon too. Have gotten a set from Amazon too.

    Hope these help.

    Feel free to ask. Always glad to answer.


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