First half of 2017

The first half of 2017 was an exciting period. On the cycling front, I sold off 3 of the Bromptons, keeping only the S2EX. The P6R and H6R were sold because (1) we don’t tour with our bikes anymore and (2) the Missus has to lay off cycling completely due to the recurring lower back strain while cycling. Rather than keeping them, I might as well let them go to other owners who will make use of them more. I hate to let go of the P6R as it was my first Brompton, it’s buttery smooth and I had it all set up even for commuting purposes. The M6R was exchanged for a Tyrell FX (pictured here) in a 1-to-1 swap. Loved the Racing Green on the M6R but the allure of a foldable mini velo is even more attractive. 

So here’s what remaining of the bikes: a Brompton S2EX, a Lynskey Sportive Disc and a Tyrell FX.

Purchased a saddle bag from a local maker, sixrollingwheels. Quality products at an affordable price. Ended up buying another 2 more for the other 2 bikes.

Sent the S2EX in for a full mod of the parts, 3 years after having it. A spur of the moment decision and boy, am I happy with the mods done, although it tore a hole in the pocket. At this juncture, only the frame, stem, front fork, rear triangle and crank are stock. Now, it is a R(riser bar)S(S-stem)2EX.

After leading a community ride for the local Brompton group, stopped by for some food for the Missus. Took the opportunity to snap a shot of the upgraded Brompton. 

Love the new minimalist look of the upgraded cockpit.

Before the start of the fasting month, I took the B out again for another training ride. 

Popped by a supermarket to grab some stuff. The B is equally at home in a tight environment. 

Found that in recent rides, I have been maxed out on the 54T. So, I decided to upgrade the crank from a 54T to a 56T oval crank. Full mods done.

Side view of the fully modded B. Must say that even though it is the fasting month, I’m still able to keep to an average rolling speed of 19km/h and even reached a maximum speed of 38km/h on this 2-speeder. 

Cycling will resume when fasting month is over. It will be a mixture of hosting community rides and individual rides. 



5 thoughts on “First half of 2017

  1. DJ TAN says:

    Hi! Thank you so much for the inspiring article. May I ask if having a 2 speed is sufficient in Singapore? Especially when tackling hills?

    • Firstly my apologies for the late reply. The last quarter of every yr is always crazy.
      I’m glad you’ve found it inspiring. Honestly, on Singapore roads where mostly are flats or with some gradient (eg Mandai slopes), the 2 speed is sufficient. I’ve had fellow Brompton riders who rode up Mt Faber on their 2 speeds with ease.
      Personally, tackling hills is more of technique and individual stamina + strength. I’ve rode alongside some guys for round island rides (including Mandai slopes and NTU slopes) and they were on steel single speed. The 6 speeds offers a wider range but mostly you will be on 3&4, occasionally gg into 5/6. Using 1/2 gear is even rare. That’s my usage when I was on 6-speed.
      Lastly, 2-speed is more fun. High or Low. No frills, no headache which gear to choose. That’s the fun of a 2-speed.

  2. Sean says:

    Have you found yourself having a overlapping bike between the Tyrell and the Brompton? The Tyrell might be faster but if you wanted to go fast, won’t you have chosen the Roadie to ride instead? Will really like to hear your experience as i am contemplating to sell my modifed Tern and just get a 6 spd Brompton. (i do have a Roadie too).

    • Hi Sean. Apologies for the reply now. Was away in Japan for the last few weeks.
      For me, the Brompton is used mainly for training (given that it is 2-speed) and commuting.
      You’re right in gg for the roadie when I want to go faster. There are also days when I want to go faster than on the Brompton yet I need the luxury of able to fold the bike should the need arises. Thus the Tyrell.
      Truth to be told, between the 3, the Brompton gets used the most. Even when I want to go fast, I still hop onto the Brompton. The roadie and Tyrell have a combined total of less than 10 rides in the last year.

      • Sean says:

        Hey! Thanks for replying.
        Sounds like you have a really efficient “engine” to obtain good speed on a 2 speed Brommie. Have a great 2018!

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