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1st May Shenanigans

1st May used to be the day for Brompton owners in Singapore and the region to come together to have a morning of fun and reminiscing. 2018’s was no different, except that it was organised and run by another group of like-minded Brompton owners. Not as huge a turnout as previous years but still, it was a promise made to fellow riders and we just couldn’t bear to disappoint them.

Let the images speak for itself.

With this ride, it will be some time before I get back onto the saddle. Till the next ride…

Adventures, Brompton, Brooks, Cycling, Foldie, Food, Mobilephotography, NOV, Park Connector (PCN), Titanium

Start of the holidays…

It’s the holidays.

What else except to ride out for food a day before flying off to the Land of the Rising Sun?

The same evening, headed out for a training ride, knowing that it’s going to be 2 weeks of non-riding.

Popped by Missus’ favourite shop for her dinner.

Till I return…

Adventures, Brompton, Brooks, Cycling, Foldie, Mobilephotography, NOV, Park Connector (PCN), Titanium

Keep on riding…

Finally the busy period at work is over. Things are going slow for a while so there’s some time out for a couple of rides.

Fiddled around for some nicer shots of the B after upgrading.

Broke a kitchenware and had to head out to get a replacement. Didn’t want to drive so rode out instead.

On the way back after shopping. Scorching afternoon but am I glad to have cycled out instead of driving.

Made it back with the stuff in that orange storage bag.

Till another month.

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In the month of July 2017…

With fasting month over, time to get back onto the saddle.

Not an ideal day out for a recess ride. Gloomy and overcast. Turned back immediately with the showers coming in.

One of those days where I get to bike home from work. At the same time, conducting a recce for an upcoming ride. Gorgeous evening it was.

Used to stay at the town in the background. Lovely memories there.

Well, it’s getting late. Time to zoom home, with another 20-odd clicks to go.

Did a group ride with a bunch of B pals. No agenda and route. Just riding around till where it takes us.

The ride took us to an abandoned housing town which is slated for demolition to make way for newer housings. Rustic place with a lot of character.

July had been fun. Wish it will continue in the months to come.

Till the next time, ciao.


First half of 2017

The first half of 2017 was an exciting period. On the cycling front, I sold off 3 of the Bromptons, keeping only the S2EX. The P6R and H6R were sold because (1) we don’t tour with our bikes anymore and (2) the Missus has to lay off cycling completely due to the recurring lower back strain while cycling. Rather than keeping them, I might as well let them go to other owners who will make use of them more. I hate to let go of the P6R as it was my first Brompton, it’s buttery smooth and I had it all set up even for commuting purposes. The M6R was exchanged for a Tyrell FX (pictured here) in a 1-to-1 swap. Loved the Racing Green on the M6R but the allure of a foldable mini velo is even more attractive. 

So here’s what remaining of the bikes: a Brompton S2EX, a Lynskey Sportive Disc and a Tyrell FX.

Purchased a saddle bag from a local maker, sixrollingwheels. Quality products at an affordable price. Ended up buying another 2 more for the other 2 bikes.

Sent the S2EX in for a full mod of the parts, 3 years after having it. A spur of the moment decision and boy, am I happy with the mods done, although it tore a hole in the pocket. At this juncture, only the frame, stem, front fork, rear triangle and crank are stock. Now, it is a R(riser bar)S(S-stem)2EX.

After leading a community ride for the local Brompton group, stopped by for some food for the Missus. Took the opportunity to snap a shot of the upgraded Brompton. 

Love the new minimalist look of the upgraded cockpit.

Before the start of the fasting month, I took the B out again for another training ride. 

Popped by a supermarket to grab some stuff. The B is equally at home in a tight environment. 

Found that in recent rides, I have been maxed out on the 54T. So, I decided to upgrade the crank from a 54T to a 56T oval crank. Full mods done.

Side view of the fully modded B. Must say that even though it is the fasting month, I’m still able to keep to an average rolling speed of 19km/h and even reached a maximum speed of 38km/h on this 2-speeder. 

Cycling will resume when fasting month is over. It will be a mixture of hosting community rides and individual rides. 


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Citrus’ Undergoing Facelift

I have had the intention of modding another Brompton to give it a classic look. But I  decided against it. So, Citrus will move from a high profile look to a classic look. It will be a ‘work in progress’ kind of mission.


A fellow Brompton owner was doing a mass order on these Nisnas wooden fenders. Got my hands on 2 sets of such fenders to be installed onto our Bromptons.


The local distributor had gone for a week-long working trip cum vacation, so the shop was closed. When it opened, I headed over to make some changes to Citrus. Changes include installing of 2013  brake levers, changing of brake pads, swapping of 54T to stock 44T (54T just doesn’t suit my way of riding and the hilly rides I encounter) and removing all grip rings in favour of black foam.

In addition, I finally found a Carradice Barley that can hold everything i put in my Ortliebs. Still keeping te Ortliebs for any tour riding. For now, local rides, the Barley will do just fine without any front bags.

During the last month or so, I was also looking to get KleenKanteen bottles to replace my 1.5 years old Kathmandu thermo bottle I have been using for my coffee daily. KleenKanteens are expensive here. Costs $59 for a 20oz insulated bottle. And I need 3 of them. So off I went into Amazon and placed an order for the bottles I needed. What I paid for got me 5 KleenKanteen Bottles (1 12 oz, 1 16 oz, 1 20 oz insulated bottles and 2 27 oz stainless steel). With the same amount of money,  I could only get the insulated ones if I had bougbt locally.


One of the 27 oz came in today and it is the one I intended to use with Citrus. Purposely chose an orange to match Citurs. Now awaiting for its bamboo cap.

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Dr Seuss Undergoes A Facelift

Missus was contemplating selling Dr Seuss, her B, to get a Titanium model. After a few days of putting it up for sale, she had a change of heart because Dr Seuss held too many memories for her.

So she decided on giving Dr Seuss a facelift instead. The main change is to the stem and handlebar, from a P to a H. After testing riding a H-bar Brompton, she fell in love with the upright riding position.


At the local distributor, a fellow Brompton owner had brought her dog along. It is one extremely well-trained pomeranian.


After 5 days at the local distributor, Dr Seuss was back with a string of upgrades. The upgrades are:
1) P-bar to H-bar
2) P-bar stem to H-bar stem
3) 2013 brake levers
4) New brake pads

When Dr Seuss was back home, I replaced the rear reflector with a Cateye Reflex Rear Light. This will greatly enhance the rear visibility of Dr Seuss.


My make-shift work bench. Here, I am replacing the rear reflector on Citrus with the Cateye Reflex Rear Light, after changing Dr Seuss’.

When we go for our night rides, I will take some shots on how the rear of the Brompton has been greatly enhanced using a combination of the Cateye Reflex Rear Light and the main rear lights we have om our Bromptons.

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