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Upgraded Parts

Missus has always feedback that her ride was not as comfortable for her as it was for me. So much so her back is starting to give her problems, especially cycling uphill.
So a search on the internet resulted in a more suitable saddle for her, the Brooks B67.
Now the B67 is an elusive item. Almost always no stock here, and the pre-owned ones were in honey colour. Made a reservation with a LBS and found out much later that the bloke who took my reservation did not reserve it for me. Worst part, he had quit the shop.
Was very disappointed till one day, the same LBS had a number of Brooks saddles in stock. Asked if they had any black B67 and they did. They kept it for me for almost two weeks (I was rather tied up at work to make any trips to collect it). Had it installed just the night before.


Looks like someone is going to get more comfortable and enjoy her ride even more.

Just today, dropped by the local distributor of Helinox chairs and tables to pick up 2 lightweight Helinox chairs for ourselves. Intend to use them during our adventures, local and overseas, as well as for the guests at home to sit on.


These fellas are lightweight and can hold up to 145kg of weight. Each can fit an S-bag with lots of room to spare.

Now hopefully this Friday is good to bring these out.

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