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Been a while…

It has been a while since I posted. The month of April and May was hectic with work back to back. Nonetheless, I still managed to squeeze some time out for riding.

Brought the nephew out for his first long distance ride on his fixie. Must saw he is doing great, averaging 12km/h for a total distance of slightly more than 11km.

My last ride on Tannus tyres. Had planned to attempt a half island ride but abandoned the idea at the quarter mark due to the weather and these tyres.

The first time I took the B along with me on the metro.

Managed to catch the sunrise on another ride to a neighbouring town with the Missus, after both of us swapping out the Tannus for Marathons.

Missus’ Dr Seuss against a field of lallangs.

Missus’ reward for her first long distance ride after a long time.

The local Brompton group, Brompton Riders @ Sg, celebrating its second annual Brompton Day where Brompton owners came together to ride together and network. We had close to 190 Bromptons turning up on that day.

Met up with a few riding buddies for a ride for coffee and food. At the same time, conducted a post-mortem and forward planning for the following year’s anniversary and some upcoming events for the year.

Reconed a route for a ride the riding buddies and I were hosting.

The ride hosted by the riding buddies and I to a waterfront jetty.

After the waterfront jetty, we headed to the last hot springs in the country.

Managed to get hold of two pieces of these extremely hard 3rd-party suspension block. Ti B is now a hardtail.

Cleaned the Ti B after a month of acquiring it from the previous owner. This B would have rode more than 10 times by both owners.

The total distance and time taken for a recent ride with the riding buddies. Maximum speed reached for this ride was 30.6lm/h.

After the recent ride with the riding buddies, and only less than 24 hours since it was cleaned. All muddy and wet.

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5 thoughts on “Been a while…

    • Hi Sharon. The Tannus tyres were great while I was on them. But a ride on one extremely warm day made cycling a torture as the rolling resistance on these tyres are high.
      Missus had to swap the Tannus out due to her bad back as the Tannus were extremely hard and every bump on the road would bring about the back pain.

      The Tannus are fantastic to have on for a puncture and worry free ride. Plus it is also great for stamina training and conditioning.

  1. Thijs says:

    Hi! I noticed the double roller wheel on the rear mudguard, I’m looking for a similar modification for my Brompton. Would you be able to give a little bit more detail on how you made this? Thank you in advance!

    • Hi. Those are NOV ez wheels. I got them from the local B distributor. I believe these wheels are shipped internationally too.
      Alternative, you can Google for Bike48. Peter (owner of Bike48) has a couple of cool wheels and in different sizes to replace the stock EZ wheels.

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