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Holding Water Bottles on a Brompton

There are many ways to carry enough fluids for a ride. On a Brompton, there is the option to put the bottles into a Mini-O bag. Some install the water bottle cage system on the handlebar stem to hold a water bottle.

I have both options on for some months. With both the Mini-O bag and the Monkii Bottle Cage system, I am able to carry at least two water bottles.

The Monkii Water Bottle Cage system.

However, the weight at the front increased a lot, with two water bottles, and when folded with a water bottle on the handlebar stem, the B tends to tip to the right even easier. A couple of times, my B almost fell flat on its right side.

At the same time, the handlebar stem is also very cluttered (a battery pack for the NiteRider 300+ front headlamp is also installed on the stem).

I needed a system that will:
(1) reduce the weight of carrying water bottles drastically.
(2) allow me to carry two water bottles without carrying any bags on the front block. This is for days when I am going on a speed trip.

I was searching on the web as well as Facebook groups for images on how water bottles are carried on Bromptons. Finally settled on installing a bracket that supports two bottle cages.

How it looks like at the rear now, with twin water bottle cages.

Even if I have to lay the B on its side in the car boot during transportation, the cages are well protected by the width of the saddle and as such, no contact with the boot floor.

A closer look at one of the carbon fibre water bottle cages and the anionzed aluminum bracket used to hold two water bottle cages.

Going to take it out for a spin the next day to test it out.

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